DTL– Big Data Expo special 5 – Data Science Pioneers

29 september 2019

Look beyond the hype and see what it really means to be a Data Scienst. Although the field of data science appears to be kind of new, the role of data science has been established in the field of statistics and information sciences since years. Moreover, many of the challenges in Data Science appear new, but in reality these are extensions of big questions that have already been there for years.


Data science pioneers – conquering the next frontier is a documentary investigating the future of data science with key data science leaders from europe and north america.

In this documentary real data scientists talk about their job in the real context and they reveal the actual challenges they face during their work and of course their expectations of future challenges. Data Science Pioneers proves that Data Scientists are not nerdy mathematicians obsessed with data. No, they are passioned about their jobs, and highly ethical in their attitude towards challenges. Data scientists make a difference!


De Dataloog talks with two Data Scientists who played a role in the documentary: Kia Eisinga from TomTom and Bernardo Nunes from Growth Tribes. We discuss the contents and their vision on the documentary and of course their takeaways.