Interfacing between a CRM system and many different users within organizations can be a challenging endeavour. Developing and maintaining interfaces that orchestrate the ETL pipelines is a lot of work. In this English-spoken episode live-recorded at Data Insights Conference in Utrecht, hosts Lex and Walter had the chance to discuss different ways to extract data from SAP systems with Rajesh Malapati, SAP Integration Consultant at Theobald Software.
Learn how smart integrations empower organizations to make data that usually is difficult to share within teams available for self-service analytics and other data applications throughout enterprise organizations. We discuss how Theobald enables data extraction from SAP in a reliable, performant and automated way, with just a few clicks.
For more than 15 years, Theobald Software has been offering interfaces between SAP and non-SAP solutions in the areas of custom development, process integration, analytics & (cloud) data warehouse. Meanwhile more than 3,400 customers worldwide from all industries believe in our solutions.